Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 6th- Norfolk Island Foundation Day (Norfolk Island)

March 6th is celebrated as Foundation Day on Norfolk Island, a small island located west of Australia, because it was the day Lieutenant Philip Gidley Kingand his crew of 15 convicts and 7 free men arrived on the uninhabited land. Lieutenant Philip promised the convicts rights and citizenship if they worked hard to establish the island. Coming from England, the men took ownership of the Norfolk Island intending upon using it as a foothold for Britain in the Pacific. They also wanted to use the island for its resources including pine trees, flax, and nutrient-rich soil. However, the flax was too difficult to prepare, and the pine trees were not resilient enough to be used as masts. So, Norfolk Island was mostly used as a farm on which to grow food to feed the starving city of Sydney.  The island is now know as a friendly place to live a chill lifestyle.
On the morning of March 6th, to celebrate Foundation Day, the people of Norfolk perform a re-enactment of Lieutenant Philip’s arrival by boat onto to their island. People drink a mixture of orange juice and wine while toasting to the King and hoisting up the Union Jack (another name for the UK flag). This year marks the 224th anniversary of Lieutenant Philip’s first settlement on Norfolk Island. 
The Norfolk people presenting their re-enactment of Lieutenant Philip’s arrival. 
The Norfolk Island flag. The flag has a pine tree on it presumably representing the plethora of pine trees on the island. 
The gorgeous sweeping view of Norfolk Island’s coast. 

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