Thursday, April 7, 2011

April 7th- Day of Maternity and Beauty (Armenia)

On April 7th, the Armenian Church celebrates the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary-- the day, according to the Biblical legend, that "the angels announced the Virgin Mary on the forthcoming birth of Jesus Christ" (Advantour para 2). In the secular lives of the Armenians, this day was turned into the Day of Maternity and Beauty. Keep in mind that April 7th also marks the end of the "Month of Praise of Women" in Armenia that began March 8th on International Women's Day. During the whole month in Armenia, there are festivals, exhibitions, fairs, concerts, and theatre openings held in women's honor. Although this holiday especially celebrates mothers, all females (no matter what status or age) are given gifts from men, who regard them as the "fairer sex". 

The Day of Maternity and Beauty in Armenia may ring a bell to us here in the United States; after all, we do have a Mother's Day celebrated in May. However, The Day of Maternity and Beauty is different from our Mother's day because it celebrates not only mothers, but the entire female population. It is also different from Mother's Day because in Armenia, children congratulate women by giving them not only gifts and candy, but creative artwork as well. Children's creative work for The Day of Maternity and Beauty is showcased in exhibitions all around the country. 


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